Nobody wants to experience the inconvenience of being stuck on the road because of a car failure. However, there are some unfortunate times when there are people who experience this thing. And the majority of those who experience it calls for the help of a towing company to get them out of the situation. 

Aside from the inconvenience of a broken car, the wait for a tow truck to arrive may also be excruciatingly long – these combined can be very stressful. Lucky are those who have never experienced this scenario, but just in case, it is good to know some important things while waiting for a tow truck to arrive. As one of the most reliable towing companies here in Brunswick, GA, GTG Towing Company is here to provide you with important guides that can help you be safe and aware while you wait for a tow service.

Move your car to a safe spot

If you experience car trouble and your vehicle is in the middle of the road, the first thing you should do is to move your car to a safe area where it would not cause a block to the traffic. If it is an engine failure, you may need to push the car to the side of the road. This way, you can be safe from any incoming traffic, not cause any inconvenience to other motorists, and it will be easier for the tow truck driver to position the truck next to your vehicle. 

Call for help

Once you are out of the way and you are sure that you’re safe, it is now time to call for a tow truck. This is applicable if you are experiencing car troubles; however, if you are involved in an accident, you should call the authorities first THEN call a towing company.

During the process of calling for help, make sure that you get the identification of the towing service that you are about to avail. Take note of the company’s name, the name of the driver, and even the plate number of the tow truck. This is to know if the driver who arrives at your location is legitimate. 

Set up warning signals

If you are stranded on the road during the night, it is important for you to set up warning signals and indications so as to inform other motorists that you are experiencing car troubles. Turn on your hazard lights. Set up flares or triangles. Place any reflective item to indicate that you are currently experiencing some car troubles. For flares and triangles, place one 10 feet from your car and another about 30 feet. 

Gather your valuables

Think of the important things that are in your car which you really need. Phone,  laptop, cash, important documents, and other valuable items that you might be needing. Sentimental items may also be needed to be taken out of the car before it gets towed. This way, there would be no need for you to slap your own forehead once you realize that you left something really important in your car. This is also one way to speed up the process of towing once help arrives.

Stay inside your car and be on guard

To make sure that you are safe it is recommended that you stay inside your car while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. This is especially applicable if you are stranded on a busy highway. If you are with your family, make sure that everyone stays in the car. Yes,  staying in your car may be extremely boring, but you just need to be patient and keep yourself busy until the tow truck arrives. 

It is also important to be vigilant. Never EVER  accept free rides from strangers. While it is true that there are some fellow drivers who could be good samaritans, there are still some who are just waiting to pounce on perfect moments and use your situation for their bad intentions.

Ask for the truck driver’s identification

When the tow truck arrives, it is important not to get out of your car immediately. Wait for the driver to come by your window. Roll down your window slightly – not all the way through- just enough for you to hear what the person is saying and for him/her to hear you. Verify with the driver the information that you got from. Once you are able to verify the information, that is the only time that you can step out of the car. This is another way to make sure that you are safe.