Car trouble happens, and it’s never convenient or expected. Batteries fail, alternator belts break, tires go flat, and sometimes people just run out of gas. When your car does fail unexpectedly, you’ll be stuck on the side of the road, late for whatever engagement you were trying to get to, and frustrated with the whole event. 

Roadside assistance coverage offers drivers a way to get a helping hand when they need it most. With just a phone call, you can have a tow truck on the way to get your car to a dealer for repair. Not to mention, give you and your family a lift to somewhere safer than the side of the highway. 

Understanding Roadside Assistance And Why You Need It 

Roadside assistance coverage is a package of services that helps you when you’re having car trouble. Whether you’re on the side of the freeway, in a parking lot, or even in your driveway, these services will send professionals directly to you to lend a hand. Here’s what to know:

Depending on the nature of your car issues, the experts may try to repair the vehicle and get it moving right away. Some examples of this include changing a tire that’s gone flat or jump-starting a dead battery. 

The cost of a tow truck can be prohibitive, so this can save you from a significant financial burden during an already stressful event. Before you go shopping for a roadside assistance plan, let’s discuss what it does and does not cover. 

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover? 

Coverage plans will vary for each provider, but they will generally cover the cost (less any deductible) of sending a professional to your location to perform basic services on your vehicle to get it back up and running. Here are some examples of services these plans typically cover: 

  • Towing your car if it can’t be quickly repaired and driven. 
  • Helping you unlock your car if you lock yourself out. 
  • Delivering gas if you run out of fuel.
  • Jump-starting your battery. 
  • Changing your tire, including putting on your own spare. 
  • Extrication or winching your vehicle if it’s stuck in the mud or snow. 

These are the most common services covered, but some providers might offer other benefits like glass repair or trip interruption coverage (travel expenses after breaking down far from home).

How Much Should Roadside Assistance Cost?

Like auto insurance, roadside service plans will vary significantly in cost depending on which provider you choose and how much coverage you need. There are lots of variables that will affect the total price or your plan, for example: 

  • Mileage limits on how far they will tow the vehicle.
  • Limits on how many calls you can make in a year.
  • Whether or not the provider will pay for fuel costs. 

Access to additional services like trip interruption, locksmithing, or discounted rental car rates.  Typically these memberships cost anywhere from $50 to $150 annually, which can be made all at once or in monthly installments. Next, we’re going to talk about where you can get roadside coverage that’s right for you. 

Roadside assistance can be a great comfort when you’re stranded on the side of the road. If you find yourself in need of help, don’t hesitate to contact your roadside assistance provider. Most providers offer multiple levels of coverage, so it’s important to understand what is and isn’t covered before you end up in a jam. Contact us today and we can help you choose the roadside assistance plan that best fits your needs.