While Winter is certainly one of the busiest times of the year for tow trucks, Spring is far from being an incident-free season for drivers on the road. Yes, the weather has improved so there are fewer risks when driving, yet the impact that the long winter has on your vehicle often rears its head come Spring time.

This leads to a surprising amount of vehicle breakdowns, with all kinds of issues causing drivers to require roadside assistance GA. As a result, tow trucks get very busy during Spring time, so let’s take a closer look at some reasons why this happens!

Better Driver Conditions Means More Drivers on the Road

This one is surprisingly simple – Spring brings better driving conditions so people tend to drive more frequently compared to winter. Icy and snowy conditions have subsided for the most part, so people can drive longer without any risks, leading to a notable increase in vehicles on the road.

As you can imagine, more vehicles mean more possibility of breakdowns, whether from long-term issues that developed over winter or general auto accidents like a fender bender or getting locked out the car.

The Effects of Winter

Winter is a harsh time for any vehicle. Beyond the inherent risks of driving in ice, snow, sleet, and rain, the extreme conditions can wreak havoc on various parts of your vehicle. These problems sometimes don’t rear their heads until spring, where the changing conditions and/or increased use of your vehicle cause the issues to become very apparent.

For example, the low temperatures in winter force the car battery to work harder than normal, and when the temperatures rise in Spring the fluids in the battery evaporate much quicker, increasing the chances of the battery completely dying.

Similarly, constant changes in temperature between Winter and Spring cause tire pressure to fluctuate, leading them to be over or under inflated. When this happens, tires are susceptible to bursting, with many people needing to call a tow truck in spring for a tire change.

These are just a few examples of the various auto issues that start to develop in winter and come to head by the Springtime. Always make sure to get your car checked and serviced for Spring time!

Spring Break

One of the busiest times of the year for traveling, Spring break sees students across the country head home or away on vacation while schools take a short break. Colleges have different dates for Spring break, so for most of Spring time you will find a lot of students driving on the road, often across long distances as they head home for vacation.

Tow trucks often find themselves assisting students that are traveling during Spring break, often in vehicles that aren’t in the newest condition. These breakdown issues can be something minor like a failed tire or something more serious with the engine, which can often happen when making a long-distance drive.

What can we do to minimize unwanted and unexpected vehicle failures?

Here are some tips to keeping your car on the road instead of the back of a tow truck.

  1. Regular vehicle maintenance is key. From simple tire inflation and fluid checks to alignment and suspension checks, and don’t forget to check those charging systems too.
  1. Simply taking the time to check your fluids and also checking for proper tire inflation can alert you to future problems. Making sure you have proper tire inflation can lead to a better ride and longer tire life. 
  1. Rotate your tires routinely, check your suspension and do routine brake inspections.
  1. All of these relatively inexpensive inspections can give you the knowledge you need to plan your repairs instead of forcing you into unexpected breakdowns and repairs.